Can you take Informed Decisions on the basis of the

Happiness Quotient of your mall visitors?

Mall Challenges

How happy were your customers when they exited the mall?
How effective was the latest in-store campaign?
Which places do the customers frequent the most?
Which store is missing out on the buzz?
Can a suspect visitor be profiled quickly?
Can the mall be agile enough to change its promotions based on visitor profiles and real-time user analytics?

Mantra Video Intelligence

Mantra AI Video Analytics is an extensively researched platform built by a team led by one of the best Data Scientists in India. With features like facial expression reading, body language patterns detection, visitor headcount and gender profiling of the users, the business insights generated by the platform can lead to significant dollar gains and a much more 'intelligent' mall.

Mantra Video Analytics Platform

Capture Your Customer's Mood

We are focused on creating a better in-store experience in hopes of motivating customers to shop in person.


Happiness Quotient

Analyze the emotions of users to quantify experience in store, movie or mall.


Realtime User Profiling

Based on gender & appearance, profiling of visitors for targeted campaigns.


Predictive Footfalls Model

Depending time of day, prediction of user profiles and foot-fall expected.


Campaign Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of in-store & lobby campaigns & events.


In-Store Insights

Stores can get insights on foot-falls & effectiveness of announcements.


Age group analysis

Discover patterns taken by age-profiled customers for targeted advertising.


Real-Time Alerts

Crowd issues, fights or any extra rush can be tracked and alerts issued.


Fraud Protection

 Profile known   criminals and suspect      behaviour of    customers coming in.


Customized reporting

Get analytics reports & insights at a store & mall level on various parameters.

Improve Your Customer Experience

The platform offers a host of features which can lead to insights with significant business impact.

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